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A Few Important Things to Consider in Getting a Bathroom Vanity Unit in Sydney

In News by Nickolas Kola

What do you need to know about bathroom vanity units?

Are you thinking about investing in a bathroom vanity unit in Sydney? Such fixtures can play an important role in small bathroom designs and are well worth considering. Vanity units work differently from regular toilet and tap units because plumbing is hardly an issue. If you’re thinking about getting vanity bathroom cabinets and toilet suites then you’re probably more concerned about design, space and how well it fits into your small bathroom.
Your options in cheap bathroom vanity units in Sydney

Bathroom vanity units come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs. Wall-hung cheap bathroom vanity units are a popular choice for many modern homes although floor standing units are still highly sought after. Wall hung bathroom vanity units are ideal if you want to maximise floor space although going this route means more work; toilet pans installed on walls will require cleverly hidden cisterns and plumbing works. This results to a modern and stylish look although it may not always suit the rest of your bathroom design. If so then conventional floor standing bathroom vanity units might just be the better option along with added benefit of ample storage space.

Now regardless of which type of vanity unit you ultimately opt for, there are a couple of important things that you might want to consider:

Make sure that you size everything correctly; it does seem like a no-brainer but you might be surprised how many people overlook this step with costly consequences – cutting the vanity top down to size, discarding a perfectly good stone top, etc. Remember that manufacturers of bathroom vanity units in Sydney may not have the exact dimensions right so plan accordingly.

Ensure you’ve got all other details right before paying anything – colours, functionality, etc. You may not be able to exchange it for something else particularly if you’re opting for a custom made bathroom vanity unit. It’s well worth documenting (receipts, warranty documents, etc) in case of a manufacturing defect.

There are generally two options for bathroom vanity units in terms of material – china tops and polymarble. Both are highly durable materials although there are a few differences that are well worth considering. Polymarble tops are generally cheaper but are more prone to scratching. China tops are more resistant to scratches but it also means that they are a lot more difficult (and expensive) to repair in the future.

Where are your pipes located? Pipes located under the floor can make it impossible for you to install a wall hung bathroom vanity unit. In the same way, pipe works that run through the walls can interfere with the installation of floor standing bathroom vanity units.

So there you have it – a few important things that are well worth considering when adding a bathroom vanity unit. Ready to get started? Call Above All Bathrooms today on 0408 391 135 and check out our great selections of bathroom vanity units in Sydney!