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Great Tips for Realising Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

In News by Nickolas Kola

Where to find bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms?

Bathroom renovation ideas can be a difficult subject to tackle for most home owners and more so if you haven’t got a clue about where to start. It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think though; there are a ton of sources out there that you can look into. For one thing, you can check out books on bathroom remodelling and design or perhaps a few magazines on home decorating.

Of course if you’re not looking to bother reading books or magazines then you can always take the more straightforward approach towards getting bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms:

  • Visit the homes of your friends or family for ideas and ask them what they’ve done
  • Check out displays on retail stores (home improvement, hardware stores, etc)
  • Get ideas from bathroom remodelling websites
  • Arrange a consultation with professional bathroom designers (home planners, bathroom remodelling)

Turning your bathroom renovation ideas into reality

Now that you’ve got a few ideas in mind, how do you go about realising those ideas? Here are a few tips that should help you do just that!

Planning and budget

When you’re working on bathroom renovation ideas on a budget, its important to plan every aspect of it all. Every choice you make must blend well with all the others; remember that any mistake you made will be evident and easy to spot when you’re dealing with such a small area.

Start planning by looking at your budget for small space bathroom renovation ideas. Know exactly how much you’re looking to spend for the entirety of the project. Granted you can expect compromises when working with your budget from construction materials to your choice in bathroom fixtures but these need not be difficult so long as you have your priorities in mind. For instance, is it really necessary to get a tub on such a small space? Perhaps its better to opt for a full spa shower instead?

Knowing exactly what you need to fit inside your small bathroom puts you in a better position to shop for the best prices on the market. Look for bathroom fixtures that fit into your plan and take the time to compare prices. There’s no shame in opting for heavily discounted and outdated bathroom fixtures so long as it suits your plans.

Bathroom design and decorations

Yet another factor that you need to consider when working on your bathroom renovation ideas is choosing the right decorations and design for your bathroom. Even the smallest bathrooms can appear more spacious with the right design and decor in mind.

To this end, you would want to consider doing the following:

Permit as much natural light as possible into your small bathroom to make it more spacious. You can use tube lights/skylights or simply strategically place mirrors around the room to boost natural light
Paint the room in brighter and lighter colours
Draw away attention from the bathroom walls to the ceiling with borders or vertical stripes

So there you have it – a few tips for tackling small bathroom renovations! Would you like to learn more? Perhaps you’re looking for professional help? We at Above All Bathrooms can certainly help! Call us today on 040 530 0484 and get the perfect bathroom renovation ideas for your home!