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Who loves having people come out to your place to quote? If your answer is no then your not alone. When it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney, common advice is get 3 quotes, that’s opening your home up to 3 different people all wanting to sell you there services.

The bathroom renovating quoting process is one of, if not the most, important aspects of your renovation. Choose the right renovator and your expectations will be met, choose the wrong one and you will probley never want to renovate again. Though this is not an extensive list here are a few things to consider.

Beware of Cheap Luke:

Have you ever been told not to go with the cheapest bathroom renovation quote? Well that is some good advise.

Now I understand with any bathroom renovation there are always budget restraints, lets face it we are all not made of made of money. Sometimes taking the cheapest quote seems like the only option to get your bathroom renovated.

Im not talking about quotes coming in around at a similar price, i’m referring to accepting a bathroom quote that is considerably lower.  The questions you need to be asking yourself and the renovator are:

  1. Why? How can there bathroom renovation quote be so much lower.
  2. What? What are they not doing that the others are.
  3. How? How are they going to renovate? Will they be using cheaper products or skipping stages.
  4. Inclusions? Compare apples with apples nobody works for free or if they do they are not around long. There must be things that are not included which after you sign your contract (that is if they are actually following the law by having one in place) these things then start to get included as variations.
  5. Fixtures? Remember your bathroom renovation will be in your home forever make sure the fittings, fixtures and even the overall look is something you will be proud of.

Sometimes its better to wait and save a little more money then to jump at a cheap bathroom quote and regret it down the track.

Fast talking Luke:

Have you ever spoken to someone who you can tell is not really listening to you? Well when it comes to getting bathroom renovation quote you will inevitably come across fast talking Luke.

Some renovation companies are set on making the job easer for themselves that they don’t stop to listen to what you really want. If there is an easer way they will try to talk you into it. Im more talking about fast Luke talking you out of a design feature that you really want just to make his job easer.

Always remember your bathroom renovation will be there for a long time after the contractor has left and you are the one that will be using it and showing your guests.

Fast Luke will normally finish off his onsite quote by giving you a price and a sign on discount that is only valid now or set to run out tomorrow.

Be wary of him.

Yes man Luke:

Who loves a yes man? We all do right, we never like to be told something is not possible.

Yes man Luke will tell you everything is possible and most of the time it actually is. However things cost money and nobody likes working for free. During the quoting process some renovators will tell you everything is possible however the contractors they engage to build your bathroom may think differently or charge accordingly and someone has to pick up the extra bills.

The other thing to consider with yes man Luke is there are rules and regulations surrounding how a qualified tradesmen need to conduct his work for instance with electrical near water, yes man Luke may tell you things are ok but it’s the contractors who are putting there licences on the line.

Forgetful or Busy Luke:

Busy Luke can be very difficult to deal with especially when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Forgetful Luke is the guy who never seems to write anything down, takes ages to get back to you and loves to always use the line “Sorry, I’ve been really busy” to reason away his tardiness.

Now in the bathroom renovation industry we all get busy, but who is chasing who. Don’t forget he is trying to win your bathroom renovation work.

If the company quoting on your bathroom renovation begin the process with tardiness, it probably wont get any better through out your renovation.

Enter Above All Bathrooms:

Our mission is not to be the opposite of Luke. In fact we don’t even have a single staff member named Luke…

If you are considering a renovating your bathroom, consider Above All Bathrooms.


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