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4 Considerations When Choosing a Bathroom Renovator

In Tips by Nickolas Kola


Can the contractor produce a current up to date licence?

There are many licences a contractor may have (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, tiling etc). But there are only two that allow you to legally carry out a bathroom renovation – a full building licence or a KBL licence (Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry).

After viewing the licence make sure it is legally linked to the company you are engaging and not just a brother’s, cousin’s, mother’s licence they have produced.


Will the contractor be around in a few years if there is a warranty issue?

There are many contractors and companies out there offering all sorts of warranties, the question you should ask yourself is will they be around to honour it? Or will you even be able to find them in 5 years time?

What do established companies look like?

– Show rooms or factory/offices are expensive to set up and only those that plan to be around will take the time, effort and the expense to make these happen. Plus, you will know where to come knocking if phone calls aren’t returned.

– High quality website and social footprint – people don’t spend money on their brand if they don’t plan to be around.

– Branding – has the company invested money in other forms of branding, what do their vehicles look like, do they have a work uniform etc again people don’t spend money on things they are not committed to.

“Too big is too big, too small is too small”.

Have you ever heard this saying before?

I’ve heard of established bathroom renovation company’s in Sydney doing well over 350 bathrooms a year. While this is an impressive number, you should be asking yourself how do they maintain a personalised service while turning over such volume?

How many hands are in the pie? Is the person who quotes you going to be there throughout the renovation? There can be nothing more frustrating then asking one person for something only to have the next person know nothing about it.

Even worse planning out a dream bathroom with a designer getting your bathroom ripped out only to have the contractors then tell you its not possible.

There is nothing worse than getting treated as just another number!

Going with a company too small may not be the answer either. Although they are more likely to have a more personalised service they may not have the contractors on hand if an issue arises that requires immediate attention.

Know who you will be dealing with throughout the renovation.

Before signing any contract or paying any deposit make sure you know who will be managing your project. Speak with them make sure you are comfortable and can trust them, this will be your go to person throughout the renovation.

This person will be in your home so choose someone you think you can get on with. This will save a lot of stress if you are able to communicate easily.



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